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About Us

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What is Koala Bike Lessons and Tours?

Koala Bike Lessons provides anyone that has relocated to Amsterdam a fast-track service to help integrate to the city and its biking infrastructure and culture.


Koala Bike Tour provides visitors all year round with a fun and informative 2.5 hour tour of the Best of Amsterdam.

Why Choose Koala Bike Lessons?

Jimmy Chung is the owner/operator of KBL, and is a Korean-born Aussie from Sydney. He has been residing in the unique and picturesque city of Amsterdam for over 5 years and understands first hand how intimidating it is to get on the biking paths with the Dutchies. He now helps expats and visitors to the city fast track their way to bike safely and confidently, and fully discover and experience the city in a fun and informative way.


He will be your personal guide, instructor and cycle buddy by your side to have you biking like local!

Koala Bike Lessons instructor


Where do the Lessons and Tour start?

Lessons: We will meet in Oosterpark and you will be sent a specific map of the meeting point upon your booking. Additional charges apply if you require a separate meeting location.

Tours: We meet at Star Bikes Rental next to Amsterdam Central station. We will start and end the tour at this location.

Are bikes included?

Lessons:  Handbrake bike will be provided for you on location.

Tours: Bikes will be provided for you, all with locks and adjustable seats.

What about the weather?

Amsterdam is stunning regardless of the weather. Besides, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. We gear up and ride rain, snow or shine.​ Remember to wear comfortable, but appropriate clothing and shoes.

How fit do I need to be?

Riding a bike is an aerobic exercise for all ages. Koala Bike Lessons caters to all levels of fitness. 

What if I am not able to cycle very well?

Lessons: We can start at any level and ability and build your knowledge and confidence at your own pace.

Tours: If you’re able to stay on the saddle without falling over, you’ll be fine. We can practice beforehand whilst running through the Amsterdam road rules before we get into traffic.

How many people on the tour?

I provide a private tour for up to 4 bikers.

Is the Lesson/Tour in English?

Yes, all lessons and tour are in English.

Is there a minimum age?

Anyone above the age of 16 is welcome. We provide adult-sized bikes.

Terms and Conditions

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