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Amsterdam Bike

Lessons & Tours

Tailored lessons and private tours to have you biking safely and confidently around Amsterdam, just like a local!
Koala Bike Lessons Amsterdam
Koala Bike Lessons Amsterdam
Koala Bike Lessons Amsterdam


Learn to bike like a local!
Home - Lessons

Build Your knowledge & Confidence

New to Amsterdam?

Or have you been here a little while. Perhaps even years (!?!), intimated and shying away from the unavoidable daily sights and sounds of the army of bikes and their owners.

What you need is a friendly and patient local by your side, who will be your personal instructor, guide and cycle buddy to assist you in getting over

those initial fears and trepidations to biking like a local Amsterdammer!

Lessons overview

*depending on individual skill level and requirements

A personal assistant

To help you purchase your very 1st bike (fiets) in Amsterdam

which matches your requirements,

specifications and budget.

Start from Scratch

Get reacquainted and familiar with the

Bike, Brakes and Balance.

Ride Safely and Confidently

Understand the Amsterdam signage and the

rules of the road and bike paths.

Practice a-b Route

To and from your home/work or your

favourite park, bar or café.


Rush Hour

Tackle the peak hour traffic

and biking crowds 

safely and confidently.


See the Best of Amsterdam
with a local!
Home - Tours

Safe & Steady

We are proud of keeping visitors safely on the saddle and out of the canals. We build your biking confidence with a few riding tips and Amsterdam tricks. We give easy directions and ride safe paths.

Fun & Easy

Our tour lets you soak up the sights and sounds of Amsterdam. The friendly pace of the tour allows you to take in the full vibrancy of the city, hear about some fun and interesting facts along the way, and take a break whenever needed.


The Best of Amsterdam

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